2020: Week 10

Weekly Portfolio Chart

Another exciting week as the markets continue to bounce around in response to the news. The week started with a bang as the major indices jumped higher on Monday. (For those of us using Robinhood, it was a double bang!) But it seems like the market is finding a new level for the time being as the prices dropped steadily throughout the rest of the week. The S&P 500 returned very close to the same level it was at last Friday.

The S&P (SPX) opened on Monday at $2974.28 and closed at $2972.48 on Friday. It bounced around a fair amount in between, but that tells my amatuer trading brain that the area between $2950 and $3000 is where the market feels safe for the moment.

This also tells me that my long call on SPY with a strike price of $330 expiring next Friday was ill advised and will probably lose me money. I new it was a long shot to begin with, but right now is not the time for me to be risking $20 (10% of my capital) on long shots. Lesson learned. This is why I endeavor to mostly me an options seller. Putting this trade on really made me realize how much I prefer trading with time working for me instead of against me.

No new trades this week either opening or closing.

Position Brief

Again, Robinhood is not accurately calculating the return on some of my options (XBI specifically. I can only have a max of $35 return on XBI). The only time I really trust my option numbers from Robinhood is during the trading day when liquidity is up, and when I close the trade.

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
SPYDebit Spread (Exp: 3/13, $330/$338 Calls) -$19.00 (-95.00%)
SPYDebit Spread (Exp: 3/20 $270/$269 Puts) -$7.00 (-28.00%)
SPYCredit Spread (Exp: 3/20 $311/$310 Puts) -$50.00 (-227.27%)
XBIIron Condor (Exp: 3/20 $80-$97 Strikes) +$49.00 (+140.00%)
FLong Call (Exp: 9/18 $9 Strike) -$7.00 (-35.00%)
F5 Shares -$10.35 (-24.35%)
DOGE2235 Shares +$0.9521 (+21.30%)

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