2020: Week 17

Weekly Portfolio Chart

I had high hopes that this week would provide me with a few opportunities to take off several of my trades. Unfortunately, that did not happen. On the bright side, I got to work with my friend’s tree care company. We removed seven trees in three days. I am sunburned, sore muscled, and feeling better and more clear headed than I have in the several weeks since my regular job was shut down. Thankfully, I also get to go back to work tomorrow.

Ford has their quarterly earnings this coming Tuesday. I’m expecting there might be a price drop in their stock after that. Or at least enough volatility increase that I can sell my two puts for a profit. Either way, by the end of this coming week I will be selling puts in F and my debit spread in IWM. One of my rules is to not hold long option positions within two weeks of their expiration.

I realized this week I’ve been missing out on a trading opportunity in Ford. I could be selling puts. I have the collateral to cover 4, 3.5, and 3 strike puts. And if they were to expire in the money, I wouldn’t be sad about buying 100 shares of Ford at any of those prices. I’ll start looking into this once I’ve sold my long puts.

New Positions

Nothing. I was too busy hauling logs around to make any trading decisions.

Realized Profit & Loss

See above.

Position Brief

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
IWMPut Debit Spread (Exp: 5/15 $112/$111 Strike)-$8.00 (-28.57%)
F2 Long Put (Exp: 5/15 $4 Strike)-$12.00 (-28.57%)
FLong Call (Exp: 9/18 $9 Strike)-$9.00 (-52.94%)
FLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $7 Strike)+$1.00 (+2.50%)
FLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $10 Strike)+$2.00 (+20.00%)
F10.52 Shares-$18.55 (-26.59%)

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