2020: Week 25

Weekly Portfolio Chart

Go figure the week I decide to put a pause on selling options and focus on my other option strategy the market goes on a sideways grind. This would have been a perfect week for selling an Iron Condor. Oh, well. I was able to add to some positions and prepare for the next time the next move. Also, the baby in wife’s belly could decide it wants to be on the other side of things any day now. I’ve been more than a little distracted by that.

New Positions

  • GE $5 Long Put (x2) Exp: 8/21
  • F $5 Long Put Exp: 8/21

The purpose of both of these positions is to play the short dips and pullbacks in Ford and GE while long-term waiting for my call options with distant expirations to gain value. These puts have the added benefit of hedging my position in the case of another serious market downturn.

I also bought $1 worth of fractional shares for both GE and NOK for maybe the worst reason someone has ever bought stock. I wanted to be able to more conveniently see their prices on my phone. The way Robinhood is laid out on my iPhone it was easier to buy a fraction of a share in each of these so that I didn’t have to scroll as far. I feel ridiculous just typing that out, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do . . .

Realized Profits & Losses

  • CLOSED: F $5 Long Put, Exp: 8/21 – Realized: $7 profit

I closed this put mainly because one of my new goals is to try and realize some profit every week. (Ideally at least 1% of my portfolio, but I’ll take anything.) My purpose for doing this is to get into the habit of making a weekly income from trading, and also to break down the mental of barrier of holding onto options for too long. When buying options, generally the less time they are in your possession the better off you will be.

I sold the put for $30, making $7 in profit. The next day I bought it back again for $22 which was a dollar cheaper than my original price. My plan is to sell this put, or my GE puts next week depending on what happens.

Position Brief

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
FLong Put (Exp: 8/21 $5 Strike)-$1.00 (-4.55%)
FLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $7 Strike)+$42.00 (+120.00%)
GELong Call (Exp: 1/15 $11 Strike)-$1.00 (-3.33%)
GE2 Long Puts (Exp: 8/21 $5 Strike)-$6.00 (-20.00%)
F10.52 Shares-$4.25 (-6.09%)
GE0.136864 Share-$0.03 (-2.69%)
NOK0.226829 Share-$0.02 (-2.01%)

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