2020: Week 26

Weekly Portfolio Chart

As of this writing, the baby my wife and I are expecting to pop its head out any minute now still has not arrived. The arrival of this little person has been the primary preoccupation of my thoughts this past week. However, I did make some trades, so I will write about those while I still have time to do so.

New Positions

  • F $10 Long Call Exp: 6/18/21
  • NOK $5 Long Call Exp: 1/15/21

As the market generally declined this week, I took the opportunity to add to my long position in Ford and to start a new trade in Nokia. I feel really good about my overall Ford positions and trades. This newest long call is very low risk, with almost guaranteed profits at some point before it expires in one year. It also really solidifies my position making my short term, short trades against it much less scary.

Since Nokia is also a large, well known company with high volume and liquidity and a low share price, I decided to add it to my trading strategy. I’m essentially trading the same strategy in F, GE, and NOK.

Realized Profits & Losses

  • CLOSED: F $5 Long Put, Exp: 8/21 – Realized: $9 profit

I made an identical trade to the one I closed out last week. This time I was able to snag a few more dollars of profit. I really wanted to keep holding this put, but my new rule of realizing some profit (or loss) every week forced me to close the trade. Ultimately I’m glad I did. For one reason, it feels good to make a few dollars. And it feels good to follow my rules and go against my hopeful (AKA greedy) nature of holding out for more.

Position Brief

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
FLong Put (Exp: 8/21 $5 Strike)+$5.50 (+25.58%)
FLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $7 Strike)+$30.00 (+85.71%)
FLong Call (Exp: 6/18/21 $10 Strike)+$4.00 (+13.33%)
GE2 Long Call (Exp: 1/15 $11 Strike)-$19.00 (-34.55%)
GE2 Long Puts (Exp: 8/21 $5 Strike)+$2.00 (+6.67%)
NOKLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $5 Strike)+$9.00 (+26.47%)
F10.52 Shares-$8.24 (-11.81%)
GE0.136864 Share-$0.11 (-11.45%)
NOK0.226829 Share-$0.02 (-2.01%)

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