2020: Week 27 & 28

Weekly Portfolio Chart

My wife gave birth to our son on July 4th! Since then I’ve been overwhelmed by happiness, diapers, and sleep deprivation. My weekly updates will probably be a little more sporadic in the coming months. They will definitely be shorter.

I’ve been doing pretty good at reaching my goal of realizing 1% profit every week. My trading account has been hovering around $700, so I’m shooting to earn $7 by every Friday. I honestly, didn’t do much during Week 27, and what I did do, I have almost no memory of, so this is mostly going to be about Week 28.

New Positions

  • F $5 Long Put Exp: 9/18
  • F $6 Long Put Exp: 9/18

I decided to roll my $5 Long Put that expired in August into September. I love Ford’s recent strong moves upward, but I still stink we’ll be seeing a some drops as well and I wanted to give myself more time to capture those. I also added another long put closer to the money since Ford is close to $7 now. I did realize a $4 loss when I rolled the put.

Realized Profits & Losses

  • Week 27 = $4 Loss
  • Week 28 = $15.15 Profit
  • Total for Weeks 27 & 28 = $11.15 Profit

The loss was the aforementioned rolling of the put.

I made a quick swing trade with the GE Long Calls I’m holding. I added one call on a dip and sold it two days later for $8 profit. On Monday I also sold a 148/148.5 credit spread in IWM that expired on Friday. I felt pretty good about it, but I did get close to losing on it. I closed it out and hour before close on Friday for $7 profit. I could have left it to expire and made the whole $9 credit I sold it for, but I wanted to limit my risk and practice good psychology. I’m happy with how it all turned out. Now I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m not mere months away from being a full time trader! However, I am a lot closer than I was even two months ago.

The $0.15 profit is from selling my 10 shares of Ford. I realized that money was better used elsewhere.

Position Brief

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
FLong Put (Exp: 9/18 $5 Strike)-$12.00 (-44.44%)
FLong Put (Exp: 9/18 $6 Strike)-$2.00 (-5.71%)
FLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $7 Strike)+$61.00 (+174.29%)
FLong Call (Exp: 6/18/21 $10 Strike)+$18.00 (+60.00%)
GE2 Long Call (Exp: 1/15 $11 Strike)-$2.00 (-4.17%)
GE2 Long Puts (Exp: 8/21 $5 Strike)-$22.00 (-73.33%)
NOKLong Call (Exp: 1/15 $5 Strike)+$15.00 (+44.12%)
F0.52 Shares+$0.09 (+2.66%)
GE0.136864 Share-$0.03 (-3.10%)
NOK0.226829 Share-$0.00 (-0.20%)

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