2020: Week 4

Weekly Chart of Portfolio

I got within a few dollars of my target on both of my Iron Condors this week. I was tempted to close one of them anyway, but I stuck to the plan. Time decay is on my side, yes it is! I think my Iron Condor in EEM might have hit my target if the market had kept going the way it was for most of the week. Friday, things got a little squirrelly. My guess the market was reacting to either the impeachment hearings, the Corona virus outbreak, or both. I might be looking to make another quick trade if the major indexes are all still down when Monday rolls around.

So I sit for one more week on my Iron Condors in EEM and GLD. Again, the nice thing about being an options seller is that this is all part of the plan. It’d be nice to realize some profits early on one or both of these, but I’m perfectly happy to sit on them until 2/21 expiration if need be.

My position in Dogecoin went down a bit. It topped out around 0.0025. I’m guessing it may be headed back down to the 0.002 range for a while. If it does, I’ll be adding a few hundred more DOGE to my portfolio.

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