2020: Week 7

2020 Week & Chart

This was another wait and see week. And this week I got to see the benefits of time decay. My Iron Condor in EEM expires next week, and boy is it starting to show. This week its starting value was at $26, and by Friday had dropped all the way to $7. (That’s a good thing for me.) My original goal was to take this trade off around 50% profit, but since I’m so near to the final expiration I have decided top let it go and collect the full $21 credit.

XBI continues to hover at my upper strike price. I still have over a month for it to come back into the safe range. Although I’d prefer if it stayed in my profitable zone, I’m not getting nervous . . . yet.

No new positions this week. I was tempted to add to my fledgling Ford position, but as I am working with a nano-capitalized account, I need to keep things pretty liquid.

Position Brief

TickerPositionUnrealized P/L
EEM Iron Condor (Exp: 2/21, 43-48 Strike) +$14.00 (+66.67%)
XBI Iron Condor (Exp: 3/20, 80-97 Strike) -$19.00 (-54.29%)
F3 Shares -$2.10 (-7.95%)
DOGE2235 Shares +$2.168 (+48.50%)

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