2020: Week 9

This will be a week that is talked about years from now. Virus scare. Corona Crash. Whatever we end up calling it in the future, it will be a source of conversation for those who participated in the market during this event. I was stressed out this week. Not because I was worried about losing money, but because I knew there was opportunities to be taken advantage of and I had neither the resources or time to fully leverage them. That doesn’t mean I was sitting on my hands, however. Although perhaps I should have been . . .

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2020: Week 8

This was the week I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the year when I put on my first Iron Condor. I needed EEM to end the week anywhere between $43 and $48 per share. On Friday afternoon it was hovering in the mid $43’s. I was pretty sure I would be safe holding my Iron Condor till the end of the day, but as the whole market was incing downwards I couldn’t be 100% sure of it.

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The Dividend Brothers’ Investing & Trading Primer

Many of our readers already have a fair bit of knowledge on investing and trading in the US stock market. However, I thought I’d write this little primer on the basics for those of you who are only a few years behind us and are just starting out on on your journey exploring the fascinating world of financial markets. I know from experience the new vocabulary can be confusing and overwhelming. I hope if you are in this position you find this primer to be a helpful, easy-to-understand entry into investing and trading.

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2020: Week 7

This was another wait and see week. And this week I got to see the benefits of time decay. My Iron Condor in EEM expires next week, and boy is it starting to show. This week its starting value was at $26, and by Friday had dropped all the way to $7. (That’s a good thing for me.) My original goal was to take this trade off around 50% profit, but since I’m so near to the final expiration I have decided top let it go and collect the full $21 credit.

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Swing Trading FedEx for Profit

FedEx (FDX) was not on my trading watchlist or radar. On the morning of December 18th, it had my complete attention. Financial headlines were shouting about FedEx‚Äôs big drop in share price. A lower than expected earnings report and a reduced earnings outlook for 2020 were primary contributors. Leaders at FedEx spoke frankly. The global slowdown in trade, increased costs for the Ground unit, and high costs associated with TNT Express integration all played a part. Tough news for a company trading well below the $240 to $260 range it had enjoyed for much of 2018. 

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