2020: Week 17

I had high hopes that this week would provide me with a few opportunities to take off several of my trades. Unfortunately, that did not happen. On the bright side, I got to work with my friend’s tree care company. We removed seven trees in three days. I am sunburned, sore muscled, and feeling better and more clear headed than I have in the several weeks since my regular job was shut down. Thankfully, I also get to go back to work tomorrow.

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2020: Week 16

With a risk balanced portfolio, and a relatively calm week in the markets, my update this week will be short and sweet.

New Positions

  • F $4 Long Put Exp: 5/15

I added to my Ford short position as the price dipped and I have a pretty strong feeling that Ford’s earning report at the end of the month is not going to be great.

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Margin Challenge – Episode Four – Ford

The margin challenge churns onward. Ford suspended their dividend which makes sense given their precarious position even before all the shutdowns started. The dividend of fifteen cents a share made for a beautiful yield for anyone who had bought in the olden days of $8.00 to $10.00 per share. Alas, it is gone. I assume that if and when they bring it back it will be a much lower and realistic dividend amount.

Thankfully Ford trades at high volume in the options market. This has provided me with solid chances to sell covered calls to generate a steady flow of option premium income. Super important given my holding these shares on margin. A buy and hold investor can sit and wait for the company to reinstate the dividend or wait for an eventual turn around. Buying and holding is not the goal for this challenge. It wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. I am working to generate income, and ideally generate more income then what I am paying out in interest. Let’s see how that formula is working out.

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Thunk! Thud, thud, THUD. AAAAAAAGH!

Not the sounds I am used to hearing at work. The grey cube-farm, elevator dependent environment I normally work in has much less screaming, couch jumping, and crying over stolen dolls. Only three miles from my downtown Minneapolis tower, I am a world away from the work-land of coffee shops, courthouse bustle, and corporate Target employees. No more desk-side chats, hunting down conference rooms, or awkward restroom encounters. Maybe that last one still happens. We are a family of six sharing one bathroom.

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2020: Week 15

After my second week at home, I think I’m starting to find a rhythm. I start by checking headlines on Finviz.com. It’s good way to get a quick idea of what has happened, what is happening, and maybe a clue as to why the markets are moving the way they are. Next, I open Robinhood and see what the pre-market is doing. This past week it’s been steadily opening higher every day. That’s been a nice change of pace. My long Ford positions have been moving in the right direction.

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