Who Are the Dividend Brothers?

They are real life brothers who developed a passion for the financial markets at the same time. After spending countless hours discussing their trade and investment ideas, the brothers decided other people might enjoy their thoughts as well.

…and Dividend Brothers was launched.


Marcus Madsen Welcome

My entire career has been spent in education, but in late 2017 I started getting excited about playing the stock market and learning as much as I can about the investment world.

My wife and I have a pack of four young kids. They are a huge motivator for me to create a life where we are free to explore and leap into the world on our own terms. I hope you enjoy following along as we share the ups and downs of two inexperienced investors tackling the mysteries of Wall Street.

I will focus on dividend investing, position trading, frugal living, and a little on trading options.


Joseph Madsen Welcome

For most of my life I had little interest in investing or money management. However, when I was forced to step deeper into the ocean of finance as a self-employed craftsman, I also discovered a passion for the markets and stock trading.

Getting married and becoming a father has drastically changed the way I approach the world. I want to build a life that allows my wife and I to do the things we love with our growing family.

I’ll be writing on topics ranging from options trading to IRA management.

For more info on my other projects visit: www.josephmadsen.com