2020: Week 7

This was another wait and see week. And this week I got to see the benefits of time decay. My Iron Condor in EEM expires next week, and boy is it starting to show. This week its starting value was at $26, and by Friday had dropped all the way to $7. (That’s a good thing for me.) My original goal was to take this trade off around 50% profit, but since I’m so near to the final expiration I have decided top let it go and collect the full $21 credit.

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2020: Week 8

This was the week I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the year when I put on my first Iron Condor. I needed EEM to end the week anywhere between $43 and $48 per share. On Friday afternoon it was hovering in the mid $43’s. I was pretty sure I would be safe holding my Iron Condor till the end of the day, but as the whole market was incing downwards I couldn’t be 100% sure of it.

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2020: Week 9

This will be a week that is talked about years from now. Virus scare. Corona Crash. Whatever we end up calling it in the future, it will be a source of conversation for those who participated in the market during this event. I was stressed out this week. Not because I was worried about losing money, but because I knew there was opportunities to be taken advantage of and I had neither the resources or time to fully leverage them. That doesn’t mean I was sitting on my hands, however. Although perhaps I should have been . . .

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2020: Week 10

Another exciting week as the markets continue to bounce around in response to the news. The week started with a bang as the major indices jumped higher on Monday. (For those of us using Robinhood, it was a double bang!) But it seems like the market is finding a new level for the time being as the prices dropped steadily throughout the rest of the week. The S&P 500 returned very close to the same level it was at last Friday.

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