Swing Trading with $300 – Week Four – Stop Losses

A week with no swing trades being executed makes for an introspective weekly post on swing trading. Yep, no action this week. I watched and waited as my two holdings sat below my entry. No profit to be made. The prices sitting well below a sensible stop loss amount.

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Swing Trading with $300 – Week Three

This week I ran right into my old nemesis. My unwillingness to cut losses when a swing trade goes against me. Hope, fear, and pride all play a part. I am hopeful the share price will recover and move in my direction. I fear losing money or being wrong. I am proud of a win streak and don’t want to break it.

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Swing Trading with $300 – Week Two

Time for a recap of my second week at playing around with swing trading. As you may recall from Swing Trading with $300, I am giving myself three hundred dollars to let it rip, play some swing trades, and maybe even dabble in a few day trades. I am having a lot of fun with it so far.

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Swing Trading with $300

I have not given up on my Dividend Builder strategy. The quarterly churn of dividends mixed with a dash of position trades is still my low risk approach to investing. But what do I do with that itch to trade? Or even, so help me, the itch for a day trade? I’ll tell you what I’ll do. What I did.

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