Dividend Builder – May 2020

My Dividend Brother Joe and I put a pause on our posts as our neighborhood and world erupted after the killing of George Floyd. Joe and I live in a duplex in the 3rd Precinct of Minneapolis. We are blocks from the site of the killing and even closer to the overrun 3rd Precinct police station. This is a blog devoted to trading, investing, and building dividends in life. I won’t stray too far from that lane; however, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been denied the opportunity to build the life of their dreams. My hope is for our Minneapolis community to heal, to right wrongs, and to treat all life as precious.

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Dividend Builder – April 2020

The initial shock of the market crash is over. Life is settling into a routine of political and economic volatility. I am trying to stay aware of these moods, but mostly staying apart from them. A luxury not everyone has available to them.

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Dividend Builder – March 2020

Recap of March

Ufta! Is it an escape to think about dividends and investing during this time? Sure it is. I feel peculiar writing about my flea-sized investments when the world around is consumed by Coronavirus. At the same time, I appreciate a reprieve from the sound and the fury. It can be healthy to retreat and recall normalcy. That is what I am telling myself at this moment. Please read on if you’re ready to take a reprieve yourself. I do have a quarantine post brewing, and I plan to push that out in the days ahead.

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M1 Finance – A Review

This is the story about how I earn my title as a “Dividend Brother.” If you’ve been keeping up with my Trade Journal entries, you might be wondering, “Where are all of Joseph’s great dividend stocks?” The answer is they’ve been here all along, I just haven’t gotten around to writing about them until now. So, let me tell you about my dividend investing strategy, M1 Finance, and why you might consider using a similar strategy with this broker.

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Dividend Builder – February 2020

Monthly Recap

The importance of dividend investing hit home hard in February and obviously now into March. Dividend investing is a buy and hold strategy. That means holding through the ups and the downs, even the way downs.

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