Swing Trading with $300 – Week Four – Stop Losses

A week with no swing trades being executed makes for an introspective weekly post on swing trading. Yep, no action this week. I watched and waited as my two holdings sat below my entry. No profit to be made. The prices sitting well below a sensible stop loss amount.

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The Birth of Dividend Builder – A New Strategy

James J. Hill, founder of the Great Northern Railway, earned the nickname of “Empire Builder” as he began buying out struggling railroads and uniting them into a booming transcontinental network. Hill analyzed down-and-out railroads to suss out hidden value. Once he identified potential, he bought the railroad at the down-and-out price and then unleashed his logistical genius to build the business into a money-maker on rails. His legacy lives on in the iconic Empire Builder route, which still runs from Chicago to Seattle.

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I Started Trading With 25 Dollars

The Beginning

It all started at my wife’s apartment one evening almost three years ago. We had been dating for a few months, and I was waiting for her to finish getting ready before we went out to eat. Sitting on her bed, I was killing time on my phone and thinking seriously about my financial future. I wondered: is there a way I can make money with an app on my phone? 

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