Joseph’s Dividends: July

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This will be short and sweet as I only have a few minutes while my newborn son is napping with his mother.

As, much as I would like to see every month outperform the prior year, I know I haven’t been working a consistent enough strategy to see that yet. However, thanks to the inspiration of the Dividend Diplomats, I have been making an effort to add more individual dividend stocks to my M1 portfolio. While I prefer monthly payers, I realize I also need to just focus on adding good performers. With enough of them, the monthly payouts will be solid anyway.

July Dividends

GLAD +$2.32
GAIN +$1.73
ORC +$3.24
NYMT +$5.51
ESS +$0.35
O +$0.84
LEG +$1.84
FRT +$1.63
SDIV +$2.24
ALTY +$2.63
SDIV +$0.07
SRET +$2.38
STX +$1.69
IRM +$2.37
KMB +$1.70
KO +$1.73

Total = $30.54


I can’t recommend M1 Finance enough if you want to get into automated dividend investing. If you sign up using my link below, we will both receive a $10 bonus.

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