Dividend Builder – July 2020

My theme for the July update is to remember the wonder of simple dividend payouts. July 2020 did not live up to July 2019 in the dividend payout department. But, I got paid for doing nothing more than diverting money into companies. I’m still a wide-eyed school boy who gets excited about the idea of passive income and compounding growth over time.

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Dividend Builder – April 2020

The initial shock of the market crash is over. Life is settling into a routine of political and economic volatility. I am trying to stay aware of these moods, but mostly staying apart from them. A luxury not everyone has available to them.

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Dividend Builder – January 2020

Monthly Recap

It is impossible for me to compare January 2020 against January 2019 as I had no dividend income last January. I changed my entire investing strategy that month. My days of trading penny stocks, momentum trading, and trend following had yielded negative results. Especially true after the market correction of December 2018. Yep, that one hurt! I started 2019 with my Dividend Builder strategy which focuses on position trading and dividend investing. Dividend payments didn’t start rolling in until March of 2019. I’ll be able to compare year over year results starting in March.

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