Joseph’s Dividends: July

This will be short and sweet as I only have a few minutes while my newborn son is napping with his mother.

As, much as I would like to see every month outperform the prior year, I know I haven’t been working a consistent enough strategy to see that yet. However, thanks to the inspiration of the Dividend Diplomats, I have been making an effort to add more individual dividend stocks to my M1 portfolio. While I prefer monthly payers, I realize I also need to just focus on adding good performers. With enough of them, the monthly payouts will be solid anyway.

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Joseph’s Dividends: June

While it’s not as exciting for me to write about, I realize I really should be sharing my journey with dividend investing more frequently. Recently, I did write a brief review of my experience so far with M1 Finance, but that was broad overview. I need to continue to live up to my title as Dividend Brother and share more of what I’ve been up to.

This first one post will be a little longer as I want to do a quick month-by-month recap of my dividend heavy IRA from its inception in April of 2018 until now. I’ll be honest, I don’t expect this to be extremely fascinating to anyone unless you get really jazzed about dividend income. Which, if you found your way to our blog I guess there a decent odds that this does do it for you. Ok, you’ve been warned . . . now let’s get granular!

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Dividend Builder – March 2020

Recap of March

Ufta! Is it an escape to think about dividends and investing during this time? Sure it is. I feel peculiar writing about my flea-sized investments when the world around is consumed by Coronavirus. At the same time, I appreciate a reprieve from the sound and the fury. It can be healthy to retreat and recall normalcy. That is what I am telling myself at this moment. Please read on if you’re ready to take a reprieve yourself. I do have a quarantine post brewing, and I plan to push that out in the days ahead.

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Dividend Builder – February 2020

Monthly Recap

The importance of dividend investing hit home hard in February and obviously now into March. Dividend investing is a buy and hold strategy. That means holding through the ups and the downs, even the way downs.

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Dividend Builder – January 2020

Monthly Recap

It is impossible for me to compare January 2020 against January 2019 as I had no dividend income last January. I changed my entire investing strategy that month. My days of trading penny stocks, momentum trading, and trend following had yielded negative results. Especially true after the market correction of December 2018. Yep, that one hurt! I started 2019 with my Dividend Builder strategy which focuses on position trading and dividend investing. Dividend payments didn’t start rolling in until March of 2019. I’ll be able to compare year over year results starting in March.

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