2020: Week 4

I got within a few dollars of my target on both of my Iron Condors this week. I was tempted to close one of them anyway, but I stuck to the plan. Time decay is on my side, yes it is! I think my Iron Condor in EEM might have hit my target if the market had kept going the way it was for most of the week. Friday, things got a little squirrelly. My guess the market was reacting to either the impeachment hearings, the Corona virus outbreak, or both. I might be looking to make another quick trade if the major indexes are all still down when Monday rolls around. Continue reading “2020: Week 4”

2020: Week 2

Week two of 2020 is off to a good start. My micro-trading account is up 13 percent. While everything I’m doing right now is still statistically meaningless, I’ve made some good choices so far and I’m hopeful as I follow my new strategy. (I’ll go into more detail on all of that in a regular blog post.)

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