Swing Trading with $300

I have not given up on my Dividend Builder strategy. The quarterly churn of dividends mixed with a dash of position trades is still my low risk approach to investing. But what do I do with that itch to trade? Or even, so help me, the itch for a day trade? I’ll tell you what I’ll do. What I did.

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M1 Finance – A Review

This is the story about how I earn my title as a “Dividend Brother.” If you’ve been keeping up with my Trade Journal entries, you might be wondering, “Where are all of Joseph’s great dividend stocks?” The answer is they’ve been here all along, I just haven’t gotten around to writing about them until now. So, let me tell you about my dividend investing strategy, M1 Finance, and why you might consider using a similar strategy with this broker.

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The Dividend Brothers’ Investing & Trading Primer

Many of our readers already have a fair bit of knowledge on investing and trading in the US stock market. However, I thought I’d write this little primer on the basics for those of you who are only a few years behind us and are just starting out on on your journey exploring the fascinating world of financial markets. I know from experience the new vocabulary can be confusing and overwhelming. I hope if you are in this position you find this primer to be a helpful, easy-to-understand entry into investing and trading.

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I Started Trading With 25 Dollars

The Beginning

It all started at my wife’s apartment one evening almost three years ago. We had been dating for a few months, and I was waiting for her to finish getting ready before we went out to eat. Sitting on her bed, I was killing time on my phone and thinking seriously about my financial future. I wondered: is there a way I can make money with an app on my phone? 

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