2020: Week 18 & 19

And just like that, April is over. This month flew by for me, as did the past two weeks. I was called back into work the week before last, and I also interviewed and took a job at a major home improvement chain. This past week I worked full time training and becoming a forklift operator in the Receiving Department. I’ve worked at three separate jobs in the past two weeks. I’m a little tired.

On the trading front, I was able to make a few interesting trades during this time.

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2020: Week 12

It was time to pay the piper this past week, and pay I did. The options I sold long before the pandemic hit expired. Options sold in the first week of the pandemic expired. In the former case, I can take the losses with my chin up. I followed my strategy and I got hit by the unexpected. In the latter case I’ll be taking those losses right on the chin. I jumped into a volatile situation I did not fully grasp and it cost me. My premature decision along with my older position set me back $143.

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