My Trading Strategy

After two and a half years of trying to be a penny stock trader, an intra-day trader (without the benefit of having either all day to trade, nor enough capital to get past the pattern day-trader limit), a trend follower, a bio-med short seller, and an options trader (without knowing anything about options), I have finally found a trading strategy that works for me.

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2020: Week 2

Week two of 2020 is off to a good start. My micro-trading account is up 13 percent. While everything I’m doing right now is still statistically meaningless, I’ve made some good choices so far and I’m hopeful as I follow my new strategy. (I’ll go into more detail on all of that in a regular blog post.)

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2020: Week 1

My first trade of the new year, with a new portfolio, using a new strategy was to do something entirely unsound: Invest $4.47 into the very lucrative, very stable, very sound Dogecoin. I bought 2235 “shares” of DOGE at a staggering 0.002 per share price tag. I say “shares” because trading Cryptocurrencies through Robinhood does not mean that you actually own the currency. Instead, I’m essentially placing a bet that the value will increase without actually purchasing anything. (When you break it down, this is only slightly more risky than the way the normal stock market functions. We buy actual shares in companies speculating that they will increase in value over time.)

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