Dividend Builder – August 2020

The dividends of August are a mild bunch. Not only are they mild, they are a small group too. My three monthly payers, Horizon Technology (HRZN), Realty Income (O), and Stag Industrial (STAG), made their regular appearance. The heavy hitter, batting cleanup and driving in the most funds, is the embattled MLP, Energy Transfer (ET).

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The Dividend Brothers’ Investing & Trading Primer

Many of our readers already have a fair bit of knowledge on investing and trading in the US stock market. However, I thought I’d write this little primer on the basics for those of you who are only a few years behind us and are just starting out on on your journey exploring the fascinating world of financial markets. I know from experience the new vocabulary can be confusing and overwhelming. I hope if you are in this position you find this primer to be a helpful, easy-to-understand entry into investing and trading.

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Dividend Builder – January 2020

Monthly Recap

It is impossible for me to compare January 2020 against January 2019 as I had no dividend income last January. I changed my entire investing strategy that month. My days of trading penny stocks, momentum trading, and trend following had yielded negative results. Especially true after the market correction of December 2018. Yep, that one hurt! I started 2019 with my Dividend Builder strategy which focuses on position trading and dividend investing. Dividend payments didn’t start rolling in until March of 2019. I’ll be able to compare year over year results starting in March.

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The Birth of Dividend Builder – A New Strategy

James J. Hill, founder of the Great Northern Railway, earned the nickname of “Empire Builder” as he began buying out struggling railroads and uniting them into a booming transcontinental network. Hill analyzed down-and-out railroads to suss out hidden value. Once he identified potential, he bought the railroad at the down-and-out price and then unleashed his logistical genius to build the business into a money-maker on rails. His legacy lives on in the iconic Empire Builder route, which still runs from Chicago to Seattle.

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