2020: September

It’s not as bad as the picture of my chart looks. I promise. That being said, September was quite a month for my trading. I tried some new things, fell flat on my face, and realized I’m going to take my trading in whole different direction going forward. Overall, I ended the month in the red, but I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Robinhood Crash

In my last journal entry I finished by saying I was excited to see what happened on Monday. It sure was exciting! The DOW had it’s biggest one day move up since 2009. There was so much momentum, so much potential, so much money that could have been made . . . unless you have Robinhood as your broker.

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Trading on Margin Challenge – Episode One – Ford

I’d been watching Ford’s stock closely all of January. It was finally time. I pulled the trigger, buying up 100 shares with money borrowed from my broker, Robinhood. In my post, Is Trading with Margin Safe?, I teased that I would take off the training wheels, trade on margin, and chronicle the entire process. I plan to write a series of posts sharing my thought process, my transactions, and my results using $1000 in margin. There is a lot for me to learn, and my hope is that others can learn along with me. Or at least be mildly entertained.

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Starting Over With $150

After four months that felt like four years, I’ve started live trading again. It’s a new year, and I’m excited to start fresh on this new leg of my trading journey. I blew up my original account at the end of August, 2019. As of the beginning of the year 2020, I’m starting over with a whopping initial investment of $150. Thank you Robinhood for making such craziness possible. I know all the conventional wisdom says I should have a minimum of $3,000 to start. (And realistically, more like $5,000.) I’ll get there. However, I wanted to get my toes wet using the new strategy I’ve been paper trading for the last four months. 

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My First Two Trades

I start my stock trading journey with a naive purchase of Fitbit and a random penny stock Google search. I trade for a loss, but the learning is a win.

My Robinhood account opened with fifty whole dollars, and I was raring to dive in and start trading. I began naively with a basic level of understanding of the stock market, trading, and investing. In a nutshell, my understanding was that the market was nothing but a steady upward climb with an occasional dip into a valley. I was a working adult during the Great Recession; however, I was living out of the country for much of it. My interest in investing was still dormant. I paid no attention to the market. The only real negative impact I felt was in how challenging it was to find a decent job upon returning to the country.

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