How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those blog posts or articles. This is a little side project I’ve been working on alongside my trading and dividend investing. I wanted to share this with anyone who, like me, has an interest in cryptocurrencies but wasn’t sure if they wanted to commit their hard-earned cash to it yet. I will say right up front, this will probably not make you rich. However, you truly can earn free cryptocurrency without investing a single penny of your own money. I have over $35 in my Coinbase account and I haven’t linked it to my bank or funded it in any way. Here’s how!

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2020: Week 26

As of this writing, the baby my wife and I are expecting to pop its head out any minute now still has not arrived. The arrival of this little person has been the primary preoccupation of my thoughts this past week. However, I did make some trades, so I will write about those while I still have time to do so.

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2020: Weeks 21, 22, 23, & 24

It’s been a month since my last journal update, and what a month! It feels more like a year in a lot of ways. So many events have been packed into these past weeks and months, and the year is only half over. We still have a presidential election to get through! Also, since my previous update, George Floyd was murdered not too far from my house, and my city, state, country, and the whole world erupted in righteous protests over his and so many other unjust deaths at the hands of our police. This blog isn’t really about politics, but some things cannot be ignored or left unsaid. Our country is need of major systemic restructuring.

Also in this past month, I worked three different jobs in the same week (Week 21), my dog tore her ACL in Week 22, and then I had my most successful weeks of trading to date in Weeks 23 and 24. (Incidentally, the end of Week 23 into Week 24 marked my 3rd Anniversary of trading.) Most pressing on my thoughts though is the fact that my wife is going to give birth literally any day now.

Now, to paraphrase Kai Ryssdal, lets do the numbers.

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2020: Week 20

My work life has been as volatile as the markets lately. Turns out, I’m not cut out to work for huge retail corporations. After only a few days on the job of driving a forklift and unloading trucks, I knew I wouldn’t last in this job long term. It’s sort of soul crushing when everything you accomplish in one day essentially has to be redone the next with no hope of ever finishing the job. Trucks arrive, I unload them, other employees move the product around to various parts of the store, consumers consume, and in the morning I start unloading more trucks. I know that most jobs can be reduced to repetition, but in this case the endlessness with no sense of accomplishment got to me.

Thankfully, I had another job opportunity fall into my lap. I interviewed on Tuesday, and after next week, I’ll be starting a new job as service technician for a home maintenance company. This company is owned by a friend of a friend, is still small, and I will get to go to a new place multiple times a day. The other issue with working for the giant home improvement store was that I never had time to continue working at my main job as a leather craftsman. This new job seems to solve most of these issues. Anyway, on to the trading!

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2020: Week 18 & 19

And just like that, April is over. This month flew by for me, as did the past two weeks. I was called back into work the week before last, and I also interviewed and took a job at a major home improvement chain. This past week I worked full time training and becoming a forklift operator in the Receiving Department. I’ve worked at three separate jobs in the past two weeks. I’m a little tired.

On the trading front, I was able to make a few interesting trades during this time.

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